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HPCI completes 100 hours for Calgary meals on wheels
Last Updated: Monday, July 21, 2014 at 9:23:27 AM

Since Day 1, HPCI has prided itself on not only our willingness to give back to the community, but also our commitment to following through on commitments we make to do just that.

Whether it’s making it possible for our employees to attend their kids’ assemblies; supervise school field trips or organizing our own corporate initiatives to support a larger cause, we know just how much we all get out of being there to support not only each other, but our community as a whole.

We can get out of the office; clear the cobwebs; think about something or someone other than the latest problem that’s landed on our desk; get to know each other on a more personal level, and feel great about being able to do something more meaningful than pushing paper around and sending emails .

And just as it felt great in elementary school to hear your name calMeals on Wheels certificate: HPCI, Meals on Wheels,Adopt a route, 100 hours led by the principal to get up on that stage and accept awards for Excellence, or Effort or even just Participation (we all got those right??), we’re over the moon to have received our first certificate from Calgary Meals on Wheels.  

In 2013 we agreed to ‘Adopt A Route’ for MOW and since then, every Thursday at 10:30am, 2 of us have left the office for 90 minutes to pick up and deliver meals to those Clients assigned to Route 34.   We’ve reached our first milestone – 100 hours!   <applause> <applause> <blushing>

Calgary Meals on Wheels is a terrific organization that’s been around our city since 1965, preparing and delivering fresh as well as frozen meals to people on either a short or long term basis.   While many of us initially thought that they only catered to seniors (a worthy cause in itself), the fact is that ANYONE can make use of MOW’s services.   No matter your age, employment situation or finances, you can access nutritious and affordable meals.   We’ve heard of people using the service when the primary cook was out of town; during a surgical recovery ; or even just to ensure that a really busy family can ensure a convenient meal that’s nutritionally balanced.   It’s mostly about ensuring that those who aren’t able to prepare their own meals, for whatever reason, still have access to great meals at an affordable price.

We’ve all taken a personal interest in those people that we deliver to, and feel very privileged to be counted as a highlight of their day when we arrive at their door. We’ve seen their smiles, heard their stories and felt their genuine appreciation.  

So as much as it’s about seniors, it’s also about nutrition, independence, health care, connections and even mobility (see how we snuck that connection in there??)

We can’t wait to do more.   Thanks so much Calgary Meals on Wheels, and Route 34, for providing us with an opportunity every week to reflect on what we’re really here for.

If you’d like to adopt your own route, then please contact the Volunteer Resources Manager at .,,

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