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HPCI is a telecommunications management company that specializes in renegotiating and managing corporate telecom accounts (wireless, wireline, satellite, conferencing, internet, cable etc.). Our mission is to increase your profits by decreasing your telecom expenses. Since 2007, our in-depth industry knowledge and proprietary technology has enabled over 200 Canadian and U.S. businesses to save millions. All without changing their carrier or compromising their level of service.


Heather Pauls - President

Heather Pauls is an industry insider who spent over 16 years in telecommunications, sales and marketing. For many years she was responsible for customer retention at one of Canada’s largest telecommunications providers. There, she learned first-hand the lengths to which providers will go to increase, maintain and retain their customer base.

Recognizing an opportunity to help companies reduce their wireless expenses, Heather founded HPCI in 2007. Under her leadership, HPCI has grown to become a leading wireless management company with a successful track record of helping over 200 organizations. Although her management skills are now required in various aspects of our business, the initial passion that led her to begin the company still drives her to personally supervise all CO projects, and to ensure the quality of service provided by all account managers.

“I’m very proud we’ve been able to build a successful business based on our ability to perform such a critical service for the business community. We strive every day to ensure our clients receive terrific value. Value based entirely on real people, real relationships, and real savings.”


Janice Jolly - Vice President

The core of any business, regardless of its services, products or industry, is its operation. Financial reporting, administrative process and the definition of a sound business strategy are all integral components contributing to a successful business.

Jan Jolly, a Partner since January 2009, has been instrumental in the development of HPCI’s corporate structure. Having spent years leading the operations side of numerous businesses, both local and overseas, Jan has hit the ground running immersing herself in this exciting industry.

“As I learn more about the Telecom Industry and Cost Optimization, I've found a great deal of passion for the concept of helping other businesses become more profitable simply by using their resources more effectively. It is gratifying, both personally and professionally, to know that the expertise and success we’ve had in our field, allow our clients to be more successful in theirs.”,,

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